A new company has opened its doors to focus on advances in women’s pelvic health. The company, Personal Medical Corp. (Personal Med), was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of SRS Medical in Billerica, MA. Personal Med will be led by Kevin M. Connolly, former CEO and founder of SRS Medical.

“Personal Med’s mission is to improve the care of patients with voiding disorders, most of whom are women,” says Connolly. “Our inFlow device is the first technology solution for women with neurogenic underactive bladder, an incurable condition that currently requires life-long use of urinary catheters. The inFlow can restore a level of dignity and self-reliance to many of the women who suffer from this debilitating condition. It eliminates tubes and drainage bags and normalizes toileting.”

Personal Med will also offer Restore Continence, a programmatic suite of devices for conservative treatments of urinary incontinence and prolapse. These devices are intended for “otherwise healthy” women and the physicians who care for them. Physician-only devices include urodynamics and bladder scanning.

Other devices include the StepFree vaginal weights, Aware biofeedback and stimulation, and EvaCare pessaries. According to the company, many physicians are taking a fresh look at pessaries as an alternative for the management of prolapse due to recent reports of sometimes serious adverse events related to surgical use of vaginal mesh.

The inFlow is an investigational device and not currently available in the United States. It is CE marked and available outside the US. Personal Medical Corp. is a privately held Delaware corporation located in Redmond, WA.