CE Mark approval was given to Veniti Inc. for its Vici Venous Stent, which is designed to treat venous obstruction (Fig. 1). The company’s also received approval for the Veni RF Plus Ablation System that addresses varicose vein ablation (Fig. 2).

According to the company, the stent is the first to be designed, from inception, as a dedicated venous stent. The stent combines end-to-end crush resistance, flexibility, and continuous vein wall coverage, suiting it for the treatment of iliofemoral venous obstruction.
The patented ablation system heats saline to vapor and uses the phase-change energy to ablate varicose veins. By using steam, there’s no need to compress the vein around the heat source. In addition, it provides nominal application of energy.

The CE Mark allows Veniti to sell products within the European Union.