A V-lock power cord retaining system that latches into IEC connectors and power entry modules is designed to protect against disconnection of power. Suitable for 10A and 16A appliance couplers and power entry modules, the power cord from Schurter Inc, Santa Rosa, CA, can latch into a notched inlet or outlet to prevent accidental disconnection of the power from the equipment. The power cord’s yellow catch mechanism can be easily released by depressing its lever.

Unlike wire bail or clamp accessories, the cord retaining system does not require additional hardware to install the system, which means less required material and installation time. In addition to the mating V-lock cord sets, the company offers standard inlets, outlets, power entry modules, and a variety of country-specific plugs. Cord sets are available with custom cable lengths and other plug variations on request. The V-lock system is suited for use in such applications as portable medical devices, laboratory equipment, and power distribution units.