A new device is set to change a horrible statistic: 12.9 million babies are born too soon every year, and 1 million of those babies die. The United States has the second highest rate of prematurity (1 of 8 babies) in the world. The CerviLenz device will help reduce those staggering numbers. Prematurity is a $26.2 billion problem in the US annually. The company expects the device to play a vital role in finding high-risk pregnant women for preventive treatment.

Cervilenz Inc recently introduced its novel CerviLenz device to the obstetrics market. The CerviLenz device measures cervical length to help doctors identify and manage pregnant patients who are at high risk of premature delivery. According to CerviLenz, there is now conclusive evidence that vaginal progesterone treatment for women diagnosed with a short cervix reduced their rate of prematurity by 45%. Contract manufacturer Interplex Medical, LLC helped design and manufacturers the device.

"Interplex Medical is thrilled to be manufacturing a device that can help pregnant women and babies," says Al Hoffman, director of business development-North America for Interplex Industries. "This project with Cervilenz Inc brought out the best in our engineers, challenging them to bring art and science together in a cost-effective design. All parts are medical grade polycarbonate, and the device is entirely press fit. It's an honor to help introduce the CerviLenz device to the international market at Medica."

As part of Prematurity Awareness Month in November, Cervilenz has launched an education campaign, including a new Web page, "to make sure moms-to-be know about the importance of cervical length measurements." Interplex is exhibiting the CerviLenz device at the MEDICA 2011 conference in Dusseldorf, Germany this week as its worldwide debut.