Last month’s online poll asked readers if they would recommend their companies as enjoyable places to work. The results showed that a slight majority – 53% -- would not. This lackluster response likely reflects the mixed mood among employees impacted by the recession. If not laid off, many employees are now part of downsized work forces with frozen wages. And now a study out of the UK by Stromberg Consulting shows that one-third of all U.S. and UK employees are fearful of losing their jobs; of those who fear job loss, two out of three would not recommend their companies as enjoyable places to work.

The good news is The Blue Chip Economic Indicators survey of private economists released earlier this week showed about 90 percent of the respondents believe the economic downturn will end this quarter. Medical Edge looks forward to asking this question again once the recession is behind us.

Meanwhile, this month’s Reader Poll question is one that is on most everyone’s minds these days: Are you for or against healthcare reform? Please take a moment to provide us with your answer. In return, you’ll get instant poll results that reflect your input, and we will report the final results next month. Stay tuned.