Medical device manufacturers are no longer exempt from key international environmental regulations such as REACH and RoHS. This means they must exclude certain substances from their products, and keep track of others that could be banned in the future. They must understand and control their supply chains, and collaborate with their suppliers and customers, to an extent never required before. But with this challenge comes an opportunity. Firms can use the compliance process to transform their supply chains, achieve a better understanding of their products and processes, and redesign outdated products.

This eBook includes:

  • An overview of the environmental regulations that are driving change.
  • Discussion of how these issues impact the medical device industry.
  • Strategies for gathering the needed information and using it to update your products and processes.
  • An analysis of electronic systems for keeping up with regulations and standards, and their role in supply chain transformation.
  • A guide to the first steps firms should take when embarking on restructuring the supply chain.
  • And more!

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