Vaica’s SimpleMed+ medication compliance device and service will now incorporate Telit Wireless Solutions’ GC864-QUAD V2 for mobile connectivity. The SimpleMed+ product combined with the company’s cloud-based service portal offers easy-to-deploy solution to curb healthcare spending when treating chronic conditions, believed to represent 90% of all healthcare costs.

Telit’s quad-band 850-/900-/1800-/1900-MHz GSM/GPRS GC864-QUAD V2 module targets applications that require a compact package and board-to-board connector, such as SimpleMed+. A SIM holder can be mounted on the back of the module—a setup that’s used with the SimpleMed+—to reduce size and integration costs.

In addition to GSM/GPRS, the xC864 Unified Form Factor family includes UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA 1xRTT air interfaces in cellular modules that have a common 30- by 36.2-mm footprint with the same 80-pin board-to-board connector. As a result, developers/integrators can easily drop in different xC864 modules supporting any of these cellular technologies with little integration effort.

SimpleMed+ addresses the need to lower high hospital readmission rates and healthcare costs attributed to medication non-compliance. Government statistics show that compliance with prescriptions by chronically ill patients declines to 50% after six months, and to 33% in five years.