Philips’ OB/GYN ultrasound systems will now include the international standards for fetal growth recently set by Oxford University researchers. The international standards for fetal growth and newborn size have been set and provide the 3rd, 10th, 50th, 90th, and 97th centile curves for growth during pregnancy. Additionally, international standards for a baby’s size at birth based on weight, length, and head circumference have been set. Previously, standards were based on geography.

The international standards are published in two papers in the medical journal The Lancet. The INTERGROWTH-21st Project studied 60,000 pregnant women from well-defined urban areas in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Kenya, Oman, the UK, and USA. Over 4,600 healthy, problem-free pregnancies from this number were enrolled to create the standards. Ultrasound scans using Philips Healthcare machines were performed every five weeks from early-on to obtain the standards for fetal growth. The new information will standardize the more than 100 different growth charts used around the world used to assess fetal growth and newborn size.