Collaboration between Qualcomm Life (a subsidiary of Qualcomm) and healthcare ecosystem participants leveraging the company’s 2net and HealthyCircles Care Coordination Platforms will look to develop wireless connectivity and reliable solutions to seamlessly capture, transfer, and share health data from hospital to home.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and Qualcomm Life are working on a new Connected Heart Health initiative that combines wireless technologies and evidence-based CarePlans. The goal is to improve care coordination and outcomes for post-acute cardiovascular and stroke care. The data-connectivity management and care-coordination solution will be enabled by the 2net and HealthyCircles Platforms.

Another collaboration between iMPak Health and Qualcomm Life will leverage the 2net Platform to offer Kraken, a Bluetooth low-energy-enabled mobile medication management system that will help organize and track complex, multi-pill daily regimens. Kraken will allow patients, particularly the elderly, to better manage their chronic conditions and adhere better to medication regimens by seamlessly tracking and uploading their data. That data is share with their care team through a scalable, plug-and-play system.

In terms of preventive care, WebMD and Qualcomm Life will combine efforts to make biometric data available, actionable, and relevant to millions of consumers through WebMD’s existing mobile app to more proactively manage health and fitness. The app will deliver personalized health content and offer access to sensors and devices for a range of medical conditions.

Transitional care is addressed with BioScrip’s “” connected health platform powered by HealthyCircles. It’s currently streamlining processes among clinical teams to extend quality and affordable patient care beyond the hospital setting, and reduce hospital readmissions.

In addition, the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) tackles the area of complex care by intergrating the 2net Platform and Hub into its remote patient-monitoring and CareTablet virtual visit solutions. Patients are able to conveniently manage chronic conditions and securely share data with members of their care team.

One of the European companies joining the fray is DELTA. It’s integrating the 2net Hub and Platform with its ePatch—a discreet body-worn sensor that continuously records, stores, and wirelessly transmits a patient’s ECG, heart rate, and activity and motion data.