M3600 blood pressure (NIBP) module and software by Omron Electronic Components LLC, Schaumburg, Ill., uses the non-invasive oscillometric method to measure oscillations caused by the arterial pressure pulse. The modules determine patients’ arterial occlusion and eliminate need to inflate to a predetermined inflation rate. A lower inflation pressure increases patient comfort. The cuff deflates at a rate based on the patient’s pulse rate, ensuring the module measures the correct number of oscillations. is measured. The module’s pulse rate accuracy is ±2 bpm (beats per minute) or 2% reading over a range of 40 to 240 bpm. The blood pressure measurements comply with ANSI/AAMI SP:10:2002 standards. A self-regulating system with dual CPU processors and dual transducers ensures safety. Should the module detect internal system errors, it switches to safety stand-by mode until the error condition clears. The 0.44-lb. unit is 2.36 x 3.78 x 1.57-inIt operates on a power supply of 12Vdc while drawing 680mA (2.0A at inrush).