The M3600 Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) module and software by Omron Electronic Components LLC, Schaumburg, IL, is for measuring oscillations caused by the arterial pressure pulse. The modules allow building automated blood pressure measurement into existing or new medical devices. The module determines the patient’s arterial occlusion to control inflation, thus eliminating the need to inflate to a predetermined rate. A dynamic linear deflation feature deflates the cuff based on the patient’s pulse rate, which ensures counting the correct number of oscillations and reduces measurement time. The M3600 works on adults, children, and neonatal infants. Pulse rate accuracy is ±2 bpm (beats per min.) or 2% reading over a range of 40 to 240 bpm. The unit measures 2.36 x 3.78 x 1.57 in. and weighs 0.44 lbs. It operates on 12 Vdc while drawing 680mA (2.0A at inrush).