Orfit Industries America has launched Orficast, a moldable thermoplastic for finger and thumb splints, as well as supportive bandage wraps. The self-adhesive is created from thermoplastic fibers and is currently being offered in 3 cm width for finger and toe injuries, and 6 cm width for thumb injuries.

The new thermoplastic tape has excellent ventilation and can easily be cut to ideal length and shape. Hot water softens Orficast, and then can be molded directed onto the patient. The self-adhesive makes it easy to stretch and can be unwrapped, reheated, and reapplied as a different splint. Orficast is made from comfortable material and can be used to treat many different injuries, including:

·         Restriction of range of motion, needed for arthritis and joint injuries

·         Corrective immobilization for arthritic conditions

·         Post-operative protection for thumbs and fingers

·         Post-traumatic curative and protective splinting for thumb and finger injuries

·         Dry heat allows large splints for the wrist and ankle

More information about Orficast can be found here. Orfit Industries America is a subsidiary of Belgium-based manufacturer of thermoplastic splinting Orfit Industries,