DSM, a biomedical materials producer, and the University Medical Center Utrecht academic hospital, announced a collaboration agreement. DSM will contribute its Dyneema Purity fiber technology to enable UMC Utrecht to develop and evaluate a prototype of a non-biological supportive scaffold for the minimally invasive treatment of valvular and vascular diseases.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to combine UMC Utrecht’s clinical and cardiovascular device testing experience with DSM’s fiber technology and fiber processing expertise. UMC Utrecht chose DSM’s Dyneema Purity fibers for designing heart valve and blood vessel wound closure devices because of the material’s strength, high flex fatigue resistance, low elongation, minimal profile, and tear resistant properties.

The end goal of this collaboration is to increase know-how and assess the preclinical feasibility of a fiber-based heart valve. Once feasibility is demonstrated, DSM and UMC Utrecht will jointly reach out to medical device companies for further development.