A modular device for treating complex aneurysms; a handheld optical scanner for detecting melanoma; and an implantable almond-sized neurostimulator for battling cluster and migraine headaches are among the Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2013.

Now in its seventh year, the predictions are made by a panel of Cleveland Clinic physicians and researchers and are unveiled during a panel presentation on the final day of The Clinic’s three-day Innovation Summit (held last month on orthopedic technologies).

During his opening remarks, moderator Michael Roizen, who serves as The Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer and is known by some for his TV appearances with Dr. Oz, cited this year’s Top 10 as having the most breadth and depth of any previous Top 10 groupings.

Indeed. In addition to the devices cited earlier and detailed in The Clinic’s news release, this year’s Top 10 includes healthcare programs with monetary incentives (#10), a new imaging technology—breast tomosythesis—for detecting breast cancer (#9); ex vivo lung perfusion (#7)—a “lung washing” procedure that can reverse injury in many donor lungs; femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second) laser cataract surgery (#6), which separates tissue by ablating and cleaving it in the blink of an eye; novel medications for advanced prostate cancer (#4); mass spectrometry for more accurate identification of bacterial infections in minutes vs. days (#3); and finishing as the #1 innovation is bariatric surgery for controlling diabetes. It turns out that this procedure actually rids patients of Type 2 diabetes, often before patients leave the hospital.

As for the devices mentioned earlier, the modular device for treating aneurisms came in at #8; the handheld scanner for detecting melanoma at#5; and the neurostimulator for battling migraines at #2.

With all the discussion surrounding such issues as the device tax, ACOs, FDA staffing and funding, and certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, as well as many other issues, programs such The Clinic’s Top 10 serve to remind us that we are part of an industry that continues to drive life-changing, life-saving innovations.

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