Genderless AseptiQuik S 1/8-in. and 1/4-in. small format connectors by Colder Products provide quick and sterile connections for small flow applications in an easy-to-use design that doesn’t require clamps, fixtures, or tube welders.

The intuitive flip-click-pull design enables users to quickly transfer valuable media easily with less risk of operator error. The connector includes integrated protective pull-tab covers, reducing part complexity and ensuring simultaneous removal of both membranes.

Applications for AseptiQuik S can include single-use bioreactors, cell banking, and a range of sampling applications. Offered in both gamma and high temperature versions, terminations available and ready-to-ship for immediate implementation include 1/8-in. hose barb, 1/4-in. hose barb, and 3/4-inch sanitary.