An innovation for plasma collection professionals supports two-way, wireless data communication designed to eliminate manual steps. The Aurora plasmapherisis system by Fenwal comes with DXT Relay software that delivers productivity reports and enables remote procedure set-up and paperless documentation.

Plasmapheresis is an automated process in which plasma is taken from donated blood and the remaining components – primarily red cells and platelets – are returned to the donor. Source plasma is used by pharmaceutical companies that produce therapies from plasma-derived proteins.

Plasma-collection professionals played an integral role in the development of Aurora. “From the layout of the system to the onscreen prompts, every detail was evaluated for ease of use, safety, and enhanced productivity,” says Fenwal Chief Technology Officer William Cork. “Similarly, the data-management software was built with open architecture so that it can seamlessly integrate with existing plasma center systems without requiring expensive, proprietary add-ons.”

The Aurora system also offers custom features that improve work flow and help ensure a successful collection. Intuitive on-screen instructions simplify training for operators, and provide troubleshooting assistance. A new LCD display allows donors themselves to see how their donation is progressing.