While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has banned the production of all AK-225-based carrier fluids by the end of the year, MicroCare Medical’s MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid offers a replacement. The substance can be used to dilute and apply medical grade polydimethylsiloxane liquids to medical devices, while offering peace of mind to engineers because it is stable and nonflammable.

The high-purity carrier fluid features excellent silicone fluid dilution, evaporates fast, and leaves a thin film of silicone lubricant. The product will save engineers time and money because it has easy process validation and does not require new process controls or equipment. It also has good solubility and materials compatibility, with applications in thin-film siliconization of glass, metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces. Silicone-fluid lubricants can also coat disposable needles used for delivering or withdrawing fluid. This process reduces drag forces and allows the needle to enter the skin with less pain.