A series of heat-cure colored inks is offered in newly released colors—red, white, green, bright blue, and dark blue. NuSil Technology, LLC launched the series, MED-6613-X. The colors vastly expand the company’s color palette and provide more vibrant, creative marking options. The inks are characterized by a long work time and nonvolatile content of approximately 60%. Depending on the ink color, viscosities range from 800 to 3000 cP and can be decreased through dilution via compatible solvent.

These two-part, addition-cure inks can be used in pad-printing and silk-screening processes for marking or coloring silicone rubber parts, such as catheters. Because their cure is accelerated with heat, these inks are suitable for applications requiring a rapid cure time. In fact, the suggested cure schedule is just five minutes at 150°C (302°F).

This line of silicone inks was a collaborative effort between NuSil Technology for silicone
development and C.I. Medical Inc for application feedback. They are designated unrestricted and may be considered for long-term implant applications of 29 days or longer. Each lot undergoes cytotoxicity tests, and a master access file will be filed with FDA for each ink color.